Public Spaces

Pets, Trash, satellite dishes, Litter, pools, landscaping, gates, parking, post boxes,barbecuing

As with all communities, every resident of Courtyards of Three Fountains must think about how their behavior impacts their neighbors. That's especially true when it comes to using the public spaces in the community. You can download a pdf of the COMPLETE community guidelines for the public and household spaces plus the rules and regulations for the condominiums.


  1. No animal can be kept or housed in any unit premises except household pets, which can not be kept or bred for commercial purposes. Animals, livestock, rabbits, pigs, or poultry of any kind cannot be raised, bred, or kept on any building site, except that dogs, cats, and other household pets are allowed, provided they are not maintained for any commercial purposes.
  2. All pets can be cared for and restrained in such a manner as not to be obnoxious or offensive to any other owner due to noise, odor, or unsanitary conditions.
  3. All dogs must be on a leash at all times when on the common elements. The preferred area for walking your dog is the grass along the back fence. There are free doggie bags available in a box attached to the fence. Residents are responsible for collecting and disposing of pet defecation whenever and wherever it occurs. 
  4. Pet defecation on patios, balconies and common areas must be removed immediately.
  5. Pets may not be regularly kept in a patio or on a balcony. In particular, a pet may not be confined to a patio or balcony when the Resident is not in the unit.
  6. If a permitted pet becomes a nuisance or the pet is not maintained in strict accordance with the provisions of these Rules, the Courtyards of Three Fountains’ Directors may give notice to the Resident of the unit. The notice will describe in reasonable detail the condition or activity which either constitutes a nuisance or a violation of these Rules. In the event that two (2) or more notices are forwarded to a Resident regarding a pet in the Resident's unit within any six (6) month period, and an additional violation or activity constituting a nuisance or a violation of these Rules occurs within ninety (90) days of the date of the last notice given, the Board of Directors may require the Resident to permanently remove the pet from the Property within seven (7) days of the date of the Resident's receipt of the Board's written request to remove the pet.
  7. Dogs are not permitted to run loose and must be leashed at all times. Pets must not be allowed to trespass on other homeowner’s property. All cats must be kept inside and not allowed to run loose. Pets without restraints run the risk of being hit by cars entering or exiting the property.
  8. All pets should be registered with the city after they are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Pet should also be treated for fleas and ticks. 


We do not have front door garbage pick-up.  Please take all your garbage, including junk mail, to the dumpsters provided in back of the property.  TRASH MAY NOT BE LEFT IN FRONT OF YOUR DOOR TO BE TAKEN OUT LATER. It must be kept inside until you are ready to carry it to the dumpster. Failure to do this will result in a substantial fine. When having new carpeting installed arrangements must be made with the installer to have the old carpeting removed from the premises.  Discarded mattresses, appliances and used carpeting may not be put in the dumpster as the trash company does not take these items.

Satellite Dishes

AT&T Direct TV and DishTV are two companies providing satellite dish service to our property. The equipment cannot be attached to the surface of the roof in any way. Use your A/C (rooftop units) to anchor the dish. Cables from the roof must be hidden from view. If you create an eyesore, you will be fined. If you have any questions about dish installation, call Tina at KRJ Management for the details at (713) 783-4640.


You can help our property look nice by keeping the area around your unit swept, by picking up trash around your parking space, and not leaving empty soap boxes and other debris around the washer/dryer or mailbox areas.


The landscape committee is responsible for the maintenance of our lawns, trees, plants and flowers. Homeowners and tenants are not allowed to plant or remove said items in the Courtyards without approval from the board. The association is not responsible for the cost of any planting purchased without approval of the board. Residents are required to use good judgment and taste with the use of potted plants outside their units. Quality is nice but quantity could be a problem if you let it get out of hand.


  1. The entry gate is located on Inwood. The exit gate is located on Fountain View between 2101 and 2121. Signs mark the drive to the exit gate. The exit and entry gates to the south of our property belong to Three Fountains I Apartments. Our cards and transmitters will not operate their gates, nor will theirs operate our gates.
  2. The entry gate can be opened either by a keycard or a remote transmitter. The transmitter is non-directional and can be activated from its location on the sunshade or keyring of your car if desired. The keycard must be placed on the raised flat surface of the receptacle with the arrow showing and pointing upward. 
  3. The exit gate opens automatically when a car approaches. Do not drive through until the gate has opened completely.
  4. A visitor can call you from the entry gate using the # sign plus the 3 digit code for your unit. The 3 digit code can be found by the visitor on the computer screen or previously obtained from you. When #XXX (3 digit number) is entered into the keypad it will ring your unit. Answer the phone and hold down the number “9" on your phone for a few seconds. If you don’t know the person calling, hang up. 
  5. Cars may follow each other through the exit gate. The sensor field will keep the gates open. However, do not try to exit the gate when the last car has passed through and the gate is starting to close. 
  6. Keycards can be purchased for $10 each. Transmitters are available for $30 each. Both have serial numbers that are kept on record. If either one is lost or stolen, report it to KRJ Management The computer will be programmed to reject future use of the card or transmitter.
  7. Moving vans, service trucks and delivery trucks requiring more than 7 feet overhead clearance must leave through the entry gate. Residents must not use the entry gate as an exit except for emergencies such as a fire or if the exit gate is not working. Use of the entry gate as an exit gate under normal conditions will result in a warning letter. Further misuse will result in a fine.
  8. In the event you encounter an access gate that will not open, call KRJ Management at (713) 783-4640. Either a designated person on Courtyard property or a service company will be called to correct the problem. KRJ Management has an after-hours answering service at 281-583-3800 if the event occurs after business hours.


Each unit has an assigned parking space. Do not park or allow your guests to park in another units’ space. Do not park or allow your guest to park in the driveways. Cars illegally parked will be towed away at the owner’s expense. If someone is in your space, do not take someone else’s space as this only compounds the problem. Instead, park in the guest parking space at the rear of the property and call Elite Towing at 713-789-0858. Advise your guests to park in the uncovered guest parking spaces at the rear. Guest parking spaces are not to be used for car storage. Vehicles must be properly tagged for street use and mechanically operable. Vehicles not meeting these standards will be towed after the owner has been given one warning.

Post Boxes

For the convenience of our tenants, post boxes are located near the mailboxes in the center courtyard close to Fountain View and also on Inwood. If you find a key in your mailbox, go to the post box and retrieve the package the mail person has left for you (match the number on the key with the number on the post box). Be sure to leave the key in the post box after you have retrieved your package.


barbecues must be ten feet (10’) away from the building. If anyone violates this Code, please call the Fire Department and they will be cited for violation. Please store barbecue grills under the stairs.


Please read and obey the Rules posted at each pool. They are standard rules found at all pools and are for your safety and the enjoyment of our pools. Be sure the gates are closed and latched when you leave the pool in order to prevent young unattended children from wandering into the pool area. An adult must accompany all children.