Household Spaces

Air conditioning, Plumbing, cable tv, electricity, circuit breakers, Noise, Smoke Alarms & fire extinguishers, insurance

Residents of Courtyards of Three Fountains are responsible for everything within the walls of their condo. Maintaining your property keeps up its value, and the value of the condominium as a whole. The information below spells out these responsibilities and suggestions for being a good neighbor. You can download a pdf of the COMPLETE community guidelines for the public and household areas plus the rules and regulations for the condominiums.

Air Conditioning

Homeowners should have their air conditioners serviced at least once a year in order to ensure efficient operation and for protection against property damage. If your A/C (rooftop units) causes water damage to the unit below, you are responsible for all damage and necessary repairs caused by the water. Please instruct your service man to remove all trash, broken A/C’s and A/C parts from the roof when the job has been completed. Residents should clean or replace their air return filter located in the apartment every month so the heating and cooling systems will perform properly.


For plumbing problems you should call a plumber of your choice. If the problem is in a common line it needs to be noted on the invoice and sent to KRJ Management for review. If the problem is in the homeowner’s line or a homeowner problem, the homeowner is responsible for payment. Report any water or gas breaks around the property to KRJ Management immediately. Do not put sanitary napkins, paper towels or kitty litter into the toilet. Be careful what you put into your garbage disposal. Items like coffee grounds, eggshells, and various fibrous items contribute to problems in the drain system. Run cold water when grinding items in your garbage disposal and continue to run water until it is flushed thoroughly.

Cable TV

We are fortunate to have a basic cable package from DIGITAL DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS that's available to every household. They offer digital cable channels that use fiber optic technology. The basic package is included in the homeowner’s maintenance fee. You are required to buy a digital cable box to use this service. Premium packages can be obtained at an additional cost and billed to you directly. Call DIGITAL DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS at 281-435-2300 for the premium packages or for service problems.


If you are a renter, your landlord pays the electricity bill as part of the condo maintenance fee. We urge you to conserve in every way possible. If utilities increase it will affect our maintenance fees and passed on to through rental increases. Please adjust your air conditioner's thermostat up when you plan to be away from home for long periods. Do not leave doors or windows open when the air conditioner is running.


Circuit Breakers

Acquaint yourselves with your circuit breaker boxes which are located on the outside walls of the building, and are numbered on the outside of the box. The long boxes contain the breakers for your A/C and heating units. The shorter ones contain breakers for your interior utilities. In case of an electrical fire, immediately turn off the breakers.


Living in close quarters as we do requires that we show a certain amount of restraint. We ask that after 10:00 p.m. you play your radio and television at a lower volume and generally tone down the noise level of your evening activities. Do not run up and down the stairs or run on the balconies at anytime. Be sensitive and thoughtful of your neighbors. Show them the same consideration you would like shown to you. If you live in an upstairs unit with hard wood floors or tiles, please use area rugs to cut down the noise for your downstairs neighbor.

Smoke Alarms & Fire Extinguishers

It is a city code requirement that all rental units have a smoke alarm. We urge that smoke alarms be installed in all units. Check the battery periodically to be sure it is still in working order. Fire extinguishers are located at all corners of Courtyards and by the mailboxes on Inwood. We suggest you also keep one in your condo.


All homeowners should carry condo unit owners insurance on the contents plus liability insurance. Ask your insurer about the Loss Assessment Endorsement (HO-32). This endorsement safeguards the association member (you) against your portion of an assessment resulting from a loss for which the association becomes responsible. It covers everything that is included in the Association’s master policy, but first applies a deductible. The additional premium for the loss assessment endorsement is nominal and should be considered a valuable addition to your insurance policy. All tenants should carry renter’s insurance on their contents. Absentee landlords should carry liability insurance.