Our Front Doors Need TLC

It was less than a year ago when we finished the renovation and repainting of all the front and back doors of Courtyards. The workers put in considerable time and effort and did a great job! When you walk past the doors today though, most of the trim is covered in fine layer of black soot thanks to the Houston atmosphere, but some are just plain dirty again.

It only takes a minute to wipe off the accumulated soot with a damp cloth or paper towel. Please make an effort to clean your doors even if its just once a month. It will make a difference to the value of our property and save us from having to spend thousands of dollars renovating our doors yet again.

If you rent your unit(s), ask your tenants to give their door some TLC.

Pool Improvement Project Underway for Buildings 2201 and 2121

The Board has gone ahead and approved the renovation of two pools that will be completed as the summer season begins. If you want to see how they will look when completed, go see the pool in the C Building. All the tile in the pool and the edging surrounding that pool will be the same materials for the F and D courtyards.

When the crew renovating the C courtyard pool worked on the steps into the pool, they found that there was no structure supporting them and had to rebuild the steps from scratch. I’m sure that will be the case in the other two pools. The entire construction and renovation is noisy, but it will be worth it.

There will be an additional ladder added to the deep end of the pool to bring it up to current code. FYI: the plaster that coats the pool is white, it’s the sky’s refection that makes it look blue.